Hope Alzheimer's Center
25 Brayton Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
Tel. 401-946-9220

Day Program

LunchWhether driven to the center by family members or arriving on the RIde bus, participants are welcomed by loving staff members and ushered into the Great Room where they may begin the day with a nutritious breakfast or enjoy coffee and conversation at the counter that reminds many people of a traditional diner.

Participants’ days are filled with activities geared to their abilities and interests. We emphasize each person’s strengths, challenge them enough to give them a real sense of accomplishment and assure sensitivity to each person’s limitations.

Activities include:

Brain Fitness Computer

Hope is the only facility in Rhode Island to offer Dakim Brain Fitness computers. The system automatically adjusts the difficulty of questions to the ability level of each individual client.

  • Therapeutic Arts program
  • Interesting and satisfying crafts
  • Music and entertainment
  • Movement Therapy
  • Dance
  • Inter-generational programs
  • Cooking, Gardening, Woodworking
  • Current events and Reminiscence
  • Pet Therapy
  • Men’s programs
  • Exercise and walking club
  • Special seasonal and holiday events
  • Participant Council

Blood PressureAll participants are evaluated regularly by a Registered Nurse and observed continually by the dedicated and carefully trained team of Certified Nursing Assistants who are with them all day.

Medications are given on schedule and personal care needs are met as they arise.

Even families that could afford to have paid caregivers at their homes often send their loved ones to Hope because our special combination of care, compassion, community and sheer fun truly provides:

Brighter Hours, Fuller Days, Richer Lives