Hope Alzheimer's Center
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Cranston, RI 02920
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Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Nursing Assistants are always available to assist clients with activities and personal needs.

I’m sure my loved one would not want to go to Hope. Is there anything you can do to help?
We hear this question from almost every family that’s considering using Hope, and the answer is Absolutely Yes! Our highly experienced case managers will work with you to develop a strategy for helping your loved one to accept and enjoy the Hope experience. These individually crafted strategies are successful in nearly all cases, sometimes within a few days, sometimes in a few weeks. If you’re concerned, call to make an appointment for a free, no obligation meeting with a Hope case manager.

What does it cost to send someone to Hope?
Some families pay the full daily fee, others pay sliding scale rates, and others are assisted by government support programs. Our case managers can help determine what your cost would be; please call for more information.

If I can afford to have a private caregiver come to my home, why should I consider using Hope?
The combination of nursing supervision, therapeutic activities and socializing with peers has been shown to ease the effects of Alzheimer’s on both the patient and family caregivers. We have heard time and again from family members who say their loved ones not only enjoy their time at Hope, but are also happier and healthier in the time they spend at home.

How should I choose between sending my loved one to an assisted living facility and using Hope?

This is a highly personal decision, of course, but if your emotions are telling you that you’d really prefer to keep your loved one living at home, we can help you make it happen. For over 15 years, Hope families have found that the best way to keep people with Alzheimer’s living successfully at home is to have them spend days with us.

Does Hope care for people at all stages of Alzheimer’s?
Nearly all stages. Once a medical professional has diagnosed your loved one with a memory loss or dementia condition, Hope can most often help slow the disease process and make life better for the affected person in the months and years ahead. The earlier the person comes to Hope, the more effective we can be. We care for people in later stages of the disease as well, often allowing families to delay or eliminate the need for placement in a nursing home.

What if my loved one needs medications or special attention?

Our staff gives medications as scheduled to nearly all participants. We can also handle most medical attention requirements. To make sure we can handle your particular situation, call to speak with a case manager.

Can you take care of people with medical conditions in addition to Alzheimer’s?
Most often, yes. To make sure we can handle your particular situation, call to speak with a case manager.

Is Hope regulated by the government?
We are reviewed and licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

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