Hope Alzheimer's Center
25 Brayton Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
Tel. 401-946-9220


Praise for Hope from family caregivers who have entrusted their loved ones to us…

“Hope has been a savior for me and my mom.”
Joan Plaziak, North Providence

Some participants revive artistic skills from the past; others find skills they had never used before.

“The staff people are so well trained and they have the most wonderful way about them. The warmth, the caring, they go out of their way to engage my mother and the others.”
Kathy Loiselle, Cranston

“My wife resisted going at first, but a staff member would greet her by name, put an arm around her and ask for her help with some task in the center.
Feeling like she was needed made it easier. With just a few days of that loving care, 
she’s been up early and ready to go ever since.”
Edward Cornell, Cranston

“The staff is cheerful, welcoming and loving. I have great peace of mind, knowing she’s happy at Hope. It’s even better than I’d hoped.”
Sheila McCarty, Warwick


The following comments were provided anonymously by family members in response to a client satisfaction survey:

Hope is the GOLD STANDARD for this population.

My mother is more social, more alert, and her health has significantly improved. The Hope Center has enabled her to live home safely and with dignity.

You provide a wonderful service to keep the attendees safe and engaged-not to mention the peace of mind you give caregivers.

My mom enjoys going to the facility and loves the staff. Thank you for helping me!!

The Hope Center and staff are wonderful. I couldn’t be happier with the services you provide.

I couldn’t ask for a more caring, loving environment for my mom!

My father-in-law would be in a nursing home if it wasn’t for your services. He loves it. And we are extremely satisfied with your facility and staff.

Our attending family member looks forward to each day there. The happiness in her voice and on her face upon return from the Hope Center is a gift to us.

My mom loves the friendships and festivities—especially the music. We will never forget what you have done for us.

Not only has the Hope Center allowed me to continue to work full time, but it has also helped tremendously to keep my Dad engaged. What would we do without it?

The Hope Center has been a Blessing for our family. It has enabled our mother to stay in her home.

Hope is a life extender, beautifier and saver!! Once cannot imagine what a wonderful facility this is unless you see it for yourself. It exceeds all imagined expectations.

Thank you for giving me my mom back!